INTAB works internationally to assist hospitals and clinics to modernize their technologies to leading edge status. We provide full service, from initial assessments through to operational support and staff training in the installation and operations of the newest medical technologies. With our help, you can achieve the cost savings and service improvement possible only with state-of-the-art technologies. We are manufacturer-independent, thus assuring that you will receive unbiased assistance from professionals in this industry.

Needs Assessment

Working with your medical and support staff, INTAB will assess your current technologies, determine your need for new or replacement equipment and draft the necessary plans to get you from today to tomorrow.

Infrastructure Analysis

Do you have the necessary electrical, structural and communications infrastructure in place? Let us help you find out. Our experts have performed these analyses before and set major hospitals on the right track to allow them to implement the new biomedical technologies, which improve their service and reduce their costs. Don't be left behind as medical centres worldwide modernize and achieve the best that technology can deliver.

Acquisition and Installation Services

Once you have determined that new technologies are the best way to support your patients and your administration, let INTAB Services help you find the best solution from a worldwide selection of vendors and products. We will help you deal with the sales and technical staff from selected vendors and stay with you until the new systems are up and operational.

Staff Training

Your medical and administrative staff will be a major part of the integrated use of the new systems. We will ensure they receive all the knowledge they need to make the best use of your technology. Their training will allow for safer and more efficient patient care and integrate smoothly into your administrative systems for inventory and financial operations.

Contact INTAB to discuss your specific needs.

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