English is the international language of business, and is the language of many of the world's leading countries.

Spanish is the major official language in 21 countries, including most of Central and South America.

Different languages. Different cultures. INTAB bridges this divide and helps to propel your international communications.

  • Spanish Lessons: tutoring, classroom, home schooling

  • Culture Lessons: business, pleasure, Latin dance

  • Translation: English to Spanish, Spanish to English, Advertising, Promotions, Documents, Contracts, Immigration Assistance, Web Content, Correspondence

  • Project management

  • Business Resumption Planning

  • System development

  • Business analysis

  • Business development

  • Technology training

  • Technology support

  • Technology training

  • Cost and infrastructure analysis

  • Organizational assistance

  • Acquisition assistance

  • Consulting assistance and
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  More about these services >>
  More about these services >>


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